About Us

The Leader in Corporate Turn-Around Services

Chikol was founded in 1990 after the managing partners came together by accumulating over 30 years of experience as owner operators along with purchasing companies in financial distress. Now working as consultants and professionals assisting companies with corporate restructuring and turnaround, financial advisement, operational advisement, asset management and corporate bankruptcy proceedings, Chikol’s top priority is value enhancement and improvement.

Our extensive network of dedicated professionals includes fourteen regular and full time staff members, most of which have been with the company since it was founded. We’ve also developed trusted relationships with other professional organizations, contractors and consultants that we can utilize and put into action as need be.

Chikol specializes in working with small to medium sized companies who need assistance in developing strong leadership and the experience required to deal with issues created by the current economic conditions or internal issues that is preventing the company from performing financially and operationally to its full extent.

A handful of the issues that we help our clients work through include:
• Working through stringent credit markets
• Limited liquidity
• Supply interruptions
• Logistics and transportation expenses
• Due diligence assessments
• Business restructuring plans
• Interim management roles (CEO, CFO, COO, CRO)
• Cash flow management
• Financial forecasts
• Improving creditor, lender and vendor relationships
• Capital structure assessment
• Operational assessments
• Fraud investigations
• Debt service capacity
• Corporate bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings

Chikol is an advocate for positive change. At times, we may be contracted by the company who is in distress or the company’s lenders in order to find a viable solution for all parties involved. Each person on our staff brings their own unique set of skills and knowledge to each project. Due to the extensive level of experience our team has, each person is able to understand the struggles and difficulties that companies are facing today. At Chikol, we empower long lasting positive change so that our clients can continue to achieve financial and operational success even in times of economic and business change.