Due Diligence Services

Chikol offers due diligence services nationwide to lending institutions and investors.

When Are Due Diligence Services Beneficial?

Due diligence services are beneficial in a few different scenarios. Investors and lenders benefit from due diligence services to value individual assets and portfolios. No investment is without risk, but with a due diligence assessment from Chikol, you’ll be confident that the assets were thoroughly researched and assessed by qualified professionals so that you are fully aware of the level of risk involved.

Due diligence services are also beneficial for lenders, investors or other entities when a business is being acquired or a business merger is taking place. Here is just a short list of areas that Chikol will assess when you utilize due diligence services:

• Viability of the business
• Whether or not developing a business plan can be achieved
• Historical cash flow and cash flow projections
• Competing businesses/markets
• Capability of debt servicing
• Management capabilities

Chikol has worked with lenders and investors in several different industries spanning the last three decades providing due diligence services to help determine investment or asset risk and business assessments.