Portfolio Management and Monetization

At Chikol, we use a hands-on and results driven approach to portfolio management and monetization. Our professionals maximize asset recovery while adhering to stringent time standards in order to give stakeholders the results that are desired.

Every client has different needs and requirements for portfolio management and monetization. Due to this, Chikol custom tailors a plan to meet the needs and time requirements of each individual client.

Our portfolio management process includes:

• Customizing plans based on specific asset type
• Reporting, which includes costs, timing, recovery levels, financial performance, restructuring milestones and monetization time table projections
• Regular reporting of asset performance on weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
• Portfolio analysis
• Asset and portfolio trends analysis
• Efficient and time effective solutions for complex asset management and monetization

The professionals at Chikol believe in communication and structure for successful asset management and monetization. Each member of our team will work closely with stakeholders and other involved parties to reach the best possible outcome.