Interim Management

Leadership in a company is essential for success and growth. Without effective leadership in place, it’s easy for all facets of a company to falter. Oftentimes, it’s not the people who hold leadership positions within a company who are ineffective leaders. When economic and business environments change, company operations can go into a state of chaos without it being the fault of management or any other team member within a corporation. At Chikol, we don’t blame people; we help people gain leadership skills that can help turn a company around.

Chikol’s interim management services provide corporations with advisors acting as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CROs depending on the company’s needs. Through interim management programs, Chikol can assist your business with:

• Fulfilling immediate staffing needs, such as senior management
• Using time efficient strategies for implementing turnaround and restructuring
• Communication management between your corporation and investors, creditors, lenders and staff


CEO: At Chikol, we know that finding a CEO who is qualified and experienced in a short amount of time is a difficult task. By deciding to implement an interim CEO, you’re allowing your company enough time to find the perfect person for the job, while still being able to focus on your company’s turnaround and restructuring. An interim Chief Executive will:

• Develop strategies that maps out the company’s future
• Create a workplace culture
• Structure effective teams who will work together to carry out the plan implemented

No two companies are alike and therefore, we choose an interim CEO depending on company needs and the type of business being focused on.

CFO: An interim Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing cash flow, performing assessments on historical performance, future performance and developing financial business plan strategies. We will implement internal controls, supervise financial matters and make current business operations a priority all while creating and implementing a strategy for future success.

When you choose Chikol for interim CFO management, you are choosing experience and proven performance. We will work to develop relationships with your lenders, creditors and vendors in order to achieve improved cash flow and financial organization.

COO: The responsibilities of an interim Chief Operating Officer includes:

• Developing strategies to help increase operational efficiency and then implementing them
• Manage system improvements
• Create organization within the corporation on all levels
• Works with other interim executives and management to carry out the planned vision

Chikol matches an interim COO based on company needs and industry. Our interim COOs focus on quality of products or services provided, implementing effective leadership and creating stability within the organization.

CRO: Making the decision to bring in a CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer) may be the right option for corporations who are in distress. A CRO is not bias or partial; he or she is seeing how things operate within a company from an outside perspective. Due to this, a CRO can create strategies and visions that may otherwise be missed.

At Chikol, we have extensive experience in analyzing corporations large and small and corporations in a variety of industries. Due to this, we will assign a CRO who is the best match based on your business needs and industry type. A CRO will:

• Create efficiency within a corporation
• Be driven by results
• Work with creditors, lenders, stakeholders, management and other essential team players in order to focus on restructuring
• Assist the organization as a whole get on the same page regarding both short and long term goals
• Be decisive so that change can start to be made immediately
• Deliver a plan for restricting that all management can adhere to in order to reach financial and organizational goals

At Chikol, we understand how a company which has fallen on hard financial times is in crisis mode. By choosing an interim CRO, order and organization can be restored.