Lender and Creditor Negotiations

Your company’s relationship with lenders and creditors is the backbone to business operations and a successful corporate restructuring. At Chikol, one of the most valuable services that we can provide is a plan that shows your lenders and creditors that your corporation has the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to successfully navigate your obligations to your lenders and creditors.

Part of the success of lender and creditor negotiations revolves around that plan. The other part focuses on Chikol’s strategies and abilities to work with your lenders in order to create and implement a plan that is within the best interests of your company.

Lender and creditor negotiations are often time sensitive and communication is a key to success. Not only will Chikol focus on building relationships and effective communication with your lenders and creditors, but we will also show your management team how to continue to use effective communication for lender and creditor negotiation in the future.