Restructuring Advisory Services

At Chikol, restructuring advisory services are at the forefront of how we help corporations realize positive change.
More often than not in today’s economy, corporations are struggling to keep up with the change which is necessary to keep a business moving forward. Our goal at Chikol is to provide your company with the tools, knowledge, information and skills to achieve corporate restructuring. This is done through restructuring advisory services.

With over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in corporate turnaround and restructuring, Chikol’s advisors have developed tried, tested and true strategies in order to implement and carry out successful corporate turnarounds. Our reputation in the industry has proven that our techniques equal results.

Chikol understands that corporations who require restructuring advisory services are in crisis mode and therefore, our team is deployed to tackle the problems at hand with precise care, dedication, attention to detail and with time efficiency. Part of our technique is to develop realistic and attainable business plans, which are developed on both financial and operational levels.

Restructuring advisory services include:

• Creating or stabilizing relationships with vendors
• Creating or stabilizing relationships with banks and lending institutions
• Act as an extension of management or function as interim management
• Stabilize corporate finances
• Manage cash flow
• Creditor negotiation
• Negotiate debt
• Inventory management
• Restructuring of operational roles and methods
• Work with company stakeholders
• Function as the CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)

As your restructuring advisor, Chikol will also develop fallback strategies and implement techniques that can be used in the future so that the corporation can continue to be successful as the economic and business environments continue to change.