Asset & Equipment Reliability

Asset and equipment reliability includes focusing on continuous improvement, predicting future trends and having the right tools and procedures in place to monitor plant performance. The main goal of asset and equipment reliability is to increase plant profitability in order to maintain a competitive advantage in your industry. Here’s just a few ways in which Chikol can help with asset and equipment reliability:

• Standardizing asset categories
• Integrate long range planning to keep assets healthy
• Investigate and report on current problems
• Focus on the overall health of plant assets, while also providing detailed reports on each individual asset
• Asset lifecycle management
• Create a customized plan that management can continue and track
• Maintenance scheduling/planning
• Training
• Parts & inventory management

At Chikol, we believe in a systematic approach that can be carried through easily and effectively once the right strategies are put into place. We employ dedicated professionals who have decades of industry experience so that our clients can be confident that they’re receiving realistic solutions for today’s business economy.