IT & Enterprise Risk Management

To keep up with today’s business demands, technology is a vital lifeline to most organizations. However, technology also becomes quickly outdated and expensive to keep up with, which can cause a complex and oftentimes expensive problem. Chikol provides IT and enterprise risk management services to a variety of industries. We help you make important IT decisions that enable you to keep up with the demands on your business, the demands of your staff and ever changing cutting edge technology.

To assist in reducing costs, it’s imperative that companies are able to come up with solutions that allow them to still utilize technology which is on the decline or has reached the end of its lifecycle. Chikol can assist your organization with:

• Interim CIO or COO (Chief Information Officer/Chief Operations Officer)
• Perform due diligence analysis on Information Technology departments when an organization is involved with mergers or acquisitions
• Desktop virtualization
• Updating frameworks for efficiency and compliance
• Assessing and integrating mobile and Internet related technologies when appropriate for your industry and business model
• Assess hardware, software and other technology related assets to see if they can be utilized in other areas of your business structure

Chikol assists our clients on the administrative level and also with technology innovation and infrastructure to create efficiency in technology systems. Our dedicated teams of professionals are experienced managers, IT professionals and engineers who can create well-rounded solutions for companies of all sizes. On the administrative level, we focus on cost analysis, security, organization and compliance side of IT and enterprise risk management. Our dedicated IT professionals assess infrastructure, Internet technologies, data-centers, networks and technology systems. Since Chikol is an advocate for positive company change, we also implement innovative solutions such as technology mobility in order to keep up with current business demands.

IT is constantly changing on a daily basis and businesses can greatly benefit from utilizing what technology has to offer. From software to data systems, infrastructure, hardware and IT related matters in between; Chikol can analyze the current systems in place, while also focusing on enterprise risk management so that profits can be maximized to their full potential.