Working Capital Management

As businesses today discover the economic uncertainty that they are currently facing, it’s common to place an even greater emphasis on working capital. Focusing on working capital means focusing on cash, but it also creates complex issues that Chikol and our experienced staff can assist with.

While increasing working capital seems cut and dry, there are multiple issues to take into consideration, such as:

• Shareholders
• Projecting future cash flow and market conditions
• Being able to adequately collect on account receivables
• Knowing the correct amount of capital to keep on hand

At Chikol, we assist our clients in determining how much working capital is beneficial, forecasting future working capital, analyzing shareholder concerns and finding a solution that will satisfy all parties involved. Chikol works hands-on to develop a strategy based on our client’s needs. The correct amount of working capital and the most beneficial strategies are going to vary from company to company and industry to industry. We base our approach and solutions on each client’s unique needs.

Our dedicated team of working capital managers will work with you to focus on the right solutions for efficient collection of accounts receivable, reducing inventory and implementing proven practices that management can continue to use across the board.