Equity Sponsors

Chikol provides services to private equity groups, hedge funds and equity sponsors for financial and operational restructuring.
For equity sponsors, the task of managing underperforming investments can be overwhelming and time consuming. The professionals at Chikol use tried and true strategies to review and manage these investments so that equity sponsors have the option of investing in new opportunities. At Chikol, we are results driven and we use a hands-on approach to assist companies which are distressed in order to facilitate change.

Our managing partners and professionals have over 3 decades of experience as financial operators. We will diligently review each situation and then create a customized plan based on our client’s specific situation.

Chikol has a proven track record of assisting companies with financial restructuring and providing all levels of service using efficient and decisive methods. For more information on how Chikol can help equity sponsors, see:

• Financial Advisory Services
• Corporate Turnaround and Restructuring
• Enterprise Improvement