Lending Institutions

Lending institutions and creditors have been faced with the task of having to make quick changes to their business structure and practices due to the state of the economy over the past several years. With continued uncertainty in the lending industry, financial institutions are met with a variety of complex challenges and the need to be prepared for future economic changes.

Chikol has extensive experience spanning decades of studying market conditions, forecasting cash flow projections and assessing operational procedures so that we can assist lending institutions during times of distress. With a skilled advisor on your side, we can help you:

• Maximize recovery efforts
• Create a customized plan to regain stability
• Prepare for future economic conditions
• Create efficient and organized underwriting guidelines
• Realize competing interests

Since each situation is unique, we have developed a team of experienced professionals that can assist financial institutions in several different areas, such as:

• Asset Management
• Financial Advisory Services
• Corporate Bankruptcy

Whether your lending institution is in a current state of crisis or you simply want to prepare for future economic uncertainties, Chikol has a dedicated team of skilled professionals who will create a customized strategy based on your organization’s specific needs.