Government Services

GSA ApprovedOrganizations in the government sector are not immune to the complex problems businesses are faced with today. Chikol provides both financial and operational services to businesses in the government sector at the both management and consulting levels.
Through our vast experience assisting government organizations, Chikol has the ability to immediately assist distressed corporations and entities in the government sector. As a financial operator, we can assist you with:

• Financial Planning
• Financial Evaluations
• Budget Formulation
• Auditing
• Budget Execution
• Financial Negotiations
• Cash flow Management
• Due Diligence Assessments
• Asset Sales
• Financial Decision Support
• Risk Management
• Financial Report Preparation
• Improved Financial Performance
• Interim Financial Managers

The experienced professionals at Chikol go above and beyond financial matters. Along with providing financial advisement, we also provide operational advisement services, such as:

• Policy Development
• Executive & Management Training
• Project Management & Leadership
• Enterprise Improvement
• Market Research
• Restructuring
• Stakeholder Reporting & Briefing
• Operations Improvement
• Data Collection
• Operations Efficiency
• Business Plans
• IT & Operations Risk Management

Our team of dedicated professionals utilizes tactical strategies and proven methods to assist the government sector in minimizing risk and adapting to economic change. We custom tailor the professionals chosen for a specific job based on the organization, industry and the level of service required. Agencies in the government sector have an advantage with Chikol as we adhere to quick deployment strategies to swiftly deal with chaotic and critical situations.

Over the last 30 years, the managing partners at Chikol have developed long standing relationships with government agencies, banks, lending institutions and other professional firms to provide a superior and efficient level of service to each of our clients.